Mobile App Development

Cancel Any Timeshare mobile app:

We offer custom Mobile App development through the AppPresser framework.

The AppPresser Component System

AppPresser allows you to combine multiple WordPress components together to create your app.

For example, you can use our BuddyPress component along with our LearnDash component, and create an online learning app that also allows students to chat and message each other. You can add your WordPress posts along with a login/registration component to make a premium, member’s only component in your app.

The possibilities are endless.

What Type of Apps Can I Build?

AppPresser allows you to build an app from any WordPress website. Some examples include: BuddyPress appsWooCommerce appsMembership appsLearnDash appsNonprofit apps, and more. Build an app for your school, church, event, organization, store, or WordPress based small business.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are easier to setup and more flexible, and now they are included at no extra cost.

Send notifications from WordPress using the AppPush plugin, our dashboard, or anywhere using our custom API. Our BuddyPress integration allows your app users to receive notifications when they receive a private message or public mention, just like Facebook.

Build custom events that send out notifications, such as when a post is published or on a weekly schedule.

More Features

Facebook Login

Let app users login and register through Facebook.

Translations and RTL

Translate your app, and allow users to choose their language.

Monetize with Ads

Use the Admob ad network to monetize your app with banner ads.

Social Sharing

Click an icon to share content with social networks or email.

Offline Content

Create 100% offline pages, allow media download for offline, and more.


Find out how people are using your app by integrating Google Analytics.


Use the native device camera and photo library to upload photos.

Protected Content

Require login to show certain pages, and integrate with your membership plugin.

Maps and Check-ins

Allow users to check-in and display their location on a map. Save their geolocation data to WordPress.