Mike Cantrell is the owner and mastermind of Cantrell Media. In addition to his corporate identity, he is also a reality TV producer, veteran consumer advocate and accomplished entrepreneur. Throughout his career, he has leveraged his experience as a business owner and community advocate to raise awareness, build audiences, foster partnerships, and grow organizations.

For over the last decade, his content passion has extended to a wider audience through his works in the entertainment industry. He currently works as a reality TV producer on the new automotive show “The Ride That Got Away” now available on Amazon Prime. As an artist, he lends his voice and hosting skills for corporate and creative endeavors alike, most recently being a character-driven feature on world famous rapper Tyga’s 2017 album.

As the CEO of Cantrell Media, Inc., Mike helps people and businesses capture their stories and grow their brands through online marketing systems and creative content. His unique ability to tell stories through video helps companies to captivate and engage today’s audience.

His passion for helping others has helped him drive positive change for organizations, clients, business owners, and industries.